35 dogs Rescued From a Home In Randall County.

35 dogs were rescued from a home in Randall County.

Randall County Animal Control Deputies were sent out to the Catalpa Trailer Park and discovered the dogs in unlivable conditions.

The dogs were covered in fleas and most were suffering from hair loss and discovered that the resident was living in a shop building located on the property.

Deputies and volunteers from Gracie’s Project removed all of the dogs, and took them to Animal Rescue Shelter where a veterinarian from Hope Veterinary came and examined the dogs, and gave vaccinations to all of the dogs, except the pregnant females. 

Gracie’s Project will shelter the dogs, nurse them back to good health, and then find foster homes or suitable adoptive families.

Anyone interested in adopting a shelter dog, or who would like to help Gracie’s Project financially can go to their web site, https://www.graciesproject.com/, or call 806-316-4024 for more information.