AgriLife’s Dr. Don Renchie talks Herbicide use on Corn

As the Ag News Director for KGNC I get asked a lot of questions from folks who do not have a farming/ranching background about pesticide and herbicide use on crops – Do farmers take classes on how to properly apply herbicides? Do they take precautions to keep those chemicals out of our food supply?

The answer to all of the above questions is “yes”, our producers are stewards of the land and take every precaution necessary to provide a safe food supply. That being said, I spoke with an expert in his field, Dr. Don Renchie. He is an Extension Program Leader with Texas A&M AgriLife, as well as a Professor and Extension Specialist. He also works with AgriLife’s Agricultural and Environment Safety Unit, as well as their Pesticide Safety Unit.

He gave me some general insight into what it takes for our producers to apply herbicides and keep themselves, the environment and the consumer safe.