With temperatures dropping, fire danger rises.

Warming Fires in vacant homes pose a high danger not just for those seeking shelter but to the neighbors and to the members of the  Amarillo Fire Department.

Jeff Justus with the Amarillo  Fire Department.

Justus goes on to say why these types of fires are such a danger

A  list of shelters in Amarillo

Catholic Charities Emergency Youth Shelter
1645 NW 10th Ave · (806) 376-7731
Amarillo Housing First
200 S Tyler St Ste 1A · (806) 414-2243
Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Fri

Residents will be lighting their fireplaces and turning on their heaters for the first time.

The Amarillo Fire Department recommends that you get these products checked and inspected first.

Firefighter Jeff Justus


Some other tips Justus has: never plug a space heater into a surge protector, have your furnace checked by professionals. If you smell gas, contact authorities immediately.

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