A change is gonna come! 

Monday evening the Amarillo Independent School Board of Trustees attempted to right a historically wrong decision.

In a unanimous decision, the board approved a resolution, bringing an end to a 52-year-old busing practice that has impacted children in North Heights. 

This will strike down the attendance zones established by a voluntary desegregation plan and opens up the creation of a new attendance zone for George Washington Carver Schools.

 It also includes a grandfathering option for students who have already established themselves in their current busing pattern.

Since 1972, students from North Heights have been bused to various schools across the city as part of a voluntary desegregation plan implemented by the school district to balance attendance.

AISD raised this topic in 2018 when seeking input from the Office of Civil Rights. Despite six years of efforts, they reported little to no response.

The District assures that the decision will not impact student demographics across the district.