The closing of Amarillo schools is temporarily “off the table”.

At a Monday meeting, the AISD passed unanimously a motion giving the school’s superintendent Doug Loomis instruction and direction.

What brought this on is the system has under 20 thousand students this year and in 2016 AISD had 34 thousand students.

Doyle Corder, president, Amarillo ISD school board.says the problem is people are growing older and we do not have school-age children anymore.

The Board also addressed the second part of the motion to explore additional revenue streams, such as a tax ratification election (TRE).

Corder estimates that once a  TRE system is put into place, it would increase the district’s revenue by about $16 million.

There is no projected growth and declining growth, the Amarillo ISD says there are no school closings in the upcoming school year.