On the agenda for Tuesday’s City Council meeting is the expected approval of another $9,120.00 that will allow the consulting firm Baker Tilly to appear in person to work with the 10-member citizen’s committee working on the changes to our existing City Charter. This increases the total being paid Baker Tilly to just over $59 thousand dollars, not including the $36 thousand dollars already paid to assist in our search for a new City Manager.

Also on the agenda Tuesday is another public hearing concerning the petition submitted by the group seeking to outlaw abortions in Amarillo, and designating it a Sanctuary City for the Unborn.

The first reading of that ordinance, including any alternative provisions and findings is to follow the public hearing. The council may also consider ordering an election, puting the decision concerning the ordinance in the hand of the voter.

That meeting will begin at 3 p.m. Tuesday in room 302 of City Hall.