Conditions of Release has been set for another former Reagor Dykes Employee.

Brad Williams Fansler pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and accepted a plea deal on October 25th.

If a judge accepts the plea terms, Fansler will be sentenced at a later date to no more than five years in federal prison and is liable for up to $27 million of restitution.

Fansler also admitted to participating in the fake floor plan fraud as well.

Reagor Dykes employees who have accepted criminal plea bargains so far include:

  • Brad William Fansler
  • Pepper Laray Rickman
  • Sherri Lynn Wood
  • Lindsay Clare Williams
  • Paige Anna Johnston
  • Sheila Evans Miller
  • Diana Herrera Urias,
  • Shane Andrew Smith

None of the employees have been sentenced at this time.