Amarillo Police negotiators, Swat and the APD CIRT team responded to a home on South Highland over the weekend on a disturbance call.

Shortly after arriving on the scene, officers say they heard a person screaming in distress from inside the house, so they made entry.

A suspect fired on officers as they entered the home, and they returned fire. The suspect fled into the backyard and barricaded himself in a detached building on the property. 

Drones and robots were used to see inside the building in an attempt to locate the suspect. Negotiators were trying to call him out at the same time.

Several hours later, SWAT used their bearcat to enter the building through a wall. Shortly after, the suspect was seen coming out of the attic at which point he raised his weapon at officers, who fired on him.

45-year-old Pedro Amendariz was pronounced dead at the scene.

Homicide and CSI took over the scene at that point.