The Texas A&M Forest Service says the Hutchinson/Roberts County fire is estimated to have burned 40 thousand acres and was is 0 percent contained as of early Tuesday.

The blaze started north of Stinnett and moved east along the Canadian River into Roberts County.

As of Monday evening, the American Red Cross provided services to 125 firefighters and emergency personnel who were trying to extinguish the fire.

Some Roberts County roads had to be closed but have since been reopened.

In Gray County, the fire there was last reported to have consumed about 30,000 acres, and was only 15% contained.

In Potter/Moore County, The Texas Forest Service says 4 thousand acres have been burned, with evacuations along Plum Creek and the Blue West areas of the Canadian River

Potter County Fire and Rescue state crews were responding to a fire near CIG and Hagy Roads.

Officials say the fire is east of Highway 287 and north of the Canadian River. The fire is near the area of the fire from over the weekend in Moore County.

Eric Smith, Lake Meredith Superintendent, says the start of the fire is under investigation, and is unclear if this is a restart or a new fire.

Firefighters employed both direct and indirect tactics along the flanks and head of the fire.