The Golden Eagle Spread Council Boy Scouts of America are partnering with ADVO to bring a new Scout Pck in Amarillo 

Pack 3020 was designed to create an inclusive environment for children with autism and their families.

As a special needs advocacy organization, ADVO stresses the importance of fostering an environment that meets the needs of those on the spectrum who may experience sensory overload.

The goal is to create an opportunity for the Scouts to serve an underserved segment of the community.

 ADVO scouts will be able to take part in activities like the Pinewood Derby, or shooting a BB Gun, or rocket launching.

Scouts will get valuable life-long lessons like teamwork, and be inclined to try new activities.

Pack 3020 will be hosting a scouting event for families with autistic youth in kindergarten through sixth grade who are interested in joining Cub Scouts, and scout recruitment will take place at ADVO Companies, located at 5241 South Washington Street on Thursday, Jan. 18 starting at 6:30 p.m.

The membership fee is $105 for a full year, and financial assistance is available.