DaBaby, Charlotte native, was recently featured in an interview with Complex.

During the interview, Complex asked the artist about quite a few unexplainable events that have taken place during the span of his career so far. The blog brought up questions involving the time when DaBaby was seen wearing a diaper at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, when the artist changed his name from “Baby Jesus” to “DaBaby”, and of course, the viral fight filmed inside of a Louis Vuitton store.

What really caught the attention of the interview, though, is when DaBaby said, “Being that once-in-a-generation, once-in-a-lifetime, once-in-an-era type of star. Like I got the creativity of a Kanye [West], the consistency of a Lil Wayne, the versatility of a Drake to make male and female songs. I’m still about whatever, like a [Lil] Boosie or a Gucci [Mane]. I’m God’s work, bro.”


Read the full Complex interview below.