Elaine Hays Brings Strong Financial Background In Run For 13th District Seat

Elaine Hays brings her vast experience in finance to the table in her run for congress in the 13th District.

 Hays wants to see a change in how input is used in setting policy in DC. 

A Strong endorsement from former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey puts a spotlight on Hay’s strong suit.

“ Hays understands the financial challenges facing our country today, and she knows how to solve those problems with public policies that support free markets, limited government, and individual liberty.”

“She will fight for fiscal responsibility and smaller government in Washington”.

Having grown up in the 13th Congressional District, Elaine Hays has a true sense of the people, land, and businesses that cover the large area.

Reared in Bridgeport, Texas, Hays has lived in Amarillo since 1985.   

After the current 13th District Congressman Mac Thornberry announced in November he would not seek re-election, he issued this statement 

“I expected that there would be a number of candidates in the race.  I did not expect, however, that there would be candidates for the 13th District who do not live in the District, did not grow up in the District, or have any meaningful ties to the people they wish to represent”.  

On that subject Hays says 


Hays has received endorsements from the Amarillo Police Officers Association (APOA), and Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and seeks to address the needs of Oil and Gas agriculture and military spending that are unique to the 13th district.  


The full interview with 13th District Congressional candidate Elaine Hays


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