You can dial in a doable morning and evening workout routine.

Carving out a doable routine takes some time, but it might not have to be much.for support for our stress response and productivity.

Instead of turning on your cell phone as soon as you get up, write down the three top things you want to accomplish.

Find a pattern to close out your day. It could help you set a reminder alarm so your wind down begins at the same time nightly.  Try dimming overhead lights, maybe dropping the bedroom temperature to promote more restful sleep. You can also start laying out your clothes for your morning workout.

True it sounds simplistic but a consistent nightly routine sends a signal to your brain and body it’s time to relax and recharge.

On behalf of KGNC”s Wellness Coach Rhonda Lahnert, Be well and stay healthy. I’m Chuck Williams for KGNC”s  Eye On Wellness