It is somewhat amazing how social media has changed our world in a very short time. We’re hyper-connected, trending topics like wildfire, and viewing the highlight reel of everyone we follow lives.

The downsides are important to consider like negative news or opinions.

This type of social media can make you feel overwhelmed and hard to unplug. Many of us only show our best moments, allowing those highlight reels into the trap of comparison, and feelings of inadequacy.

Here’s a way to get around this.  Consider taking a full day or weekend-long break from social media, or at the very least, limit your daily exposure to it. 

One easy way to do it is to set a ten-minute timer when you open any social media and close the app as soon as the timer goes off 

Also, avoid using those apps. right when you wake up or directly before you go to bed.

On behalf of KGNC”s Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, Be well and Stay healthy.  I’m Chuck Williams for Eye On Wellness on KGNC