Electronics themselves have a pro-con relationship. Even though they are designed to make our lives easier, or more entertaining, it’s easier to let them drain our time or numb our minds., 

Some of the busiest, most stressed, and time-starved people usually still have a go-to television show,  and most have jobs that require all-day computer use.

Most all have cell phones and they act as today’s connectivity lifeline.

Constant electronic usage exposes us To electromagnetic fields and the International Research Center and possibly cancer-causing.

For the most part, you normally do not have control over your electronic use, especially at work.

Still, you can block out certain times of day to fully unplug.

For some, this may mean shifting your cell phone into airplane mode after 8:00 p.m. or keeping phones and TVs out of the bedroom. Or at a bare minimum turn the TV and cell phones off when your family sits down for dinner.

Decide what’s best for you and go from there.

For KGNC Wellness Coach Rhond Lahnert, be well and stay healthy. I’m Chuck Williams for Eye on Wellness on KGNC.