This week we’re going to look into how a routine can help in your workouts and eventual success in races.

Your mind and body like routines and you’re more likely to train consistently when you have a standard routine built in.

An example of this is something you’re probably already doing following a pre-race routine. 

You’ve probably found out that you’re more mentally relaxed and ready to compete if you do before a race much the same as you did the last race you were in.

Your pre-race routine; food and drink you consume, the timing of meals, the music you listen to,  warm-up routine, and the mental rehearsal. These all should be part of a steady ritual you follow prior to every race or training session.

When all aspects of your training routine is haphazard, you can be assured that the outcome of your future race wll be about the same.

Just as with training, the purpose of weekly and daily routines is to prepare you for the stress training, especially on hard work-out days.

Remember, you can do it.


On Behalf Of KGNC Wellness Coach Rhonda Lahnert, be well and stay healthy, For KGNC I’m Chuck Williams