Federal Team Joins Fight Of Cooper Breaks Fire in Hardeman County

A federal team has joined in the effort to battle the Cooper Breaks Fire in Hardeman County.

The Southern Area Type 1 Incident Management Red Team has arrived to fight the fire that is 11 miles southwest of Quanah and currently spans 8,380 acres. 

The fire began on Friday, August 16. Crews from Quanah, Chillicothe, Childress, Hollis, Crowell and the Texas A&M Forest Service are working to contain the fire.

The federal crew is a self-contained, all-hazard team recognized at the national and state level and deployed to manage incidents of national significance.

The Texas A&M Forest Service wants to remind people that during times of high fire danger, anything can cause a spark, which could lead to a wildfire. It is important to alert local authorities if you spot a fire. A quick response can help save lives and property.