Congressman Mac Thornberry announced on Monday that he would not seek another term representing the people of District 13.

I had a chance to talk to him on Tuesday afternoon and asked did the tone and rhetoric in today’s partisan politics play a part in his decision for 2020.

Thornberry added that it was an honor to serve the citizens of the 13th District and he felt privileged to be a voice for the men and women in our Armed Forces as Chairman of the Arms Service Committee.

The Congressman said he would not pick or try to appoint someone to fill his shoe, but he did say the citizens of the district should look for these qualifications in his successor.


 I asked him about the current efforts to impeach President Trump and with just a year until the election would it not be better to leave the choice of who runs our country up to the people.


Thornberry has worked his 25 years in congress a little different than today’s “celebrity politicians” In thanking the people of the 13th district he had this message.


Thornberry added that his term and work are not over yet and we will continue with his efforts on military spending and a farm bill 

Hear the full press conference with Congressman Thornberry