Former GOP House Majority Leader Dick Armey Backs Hays In Run For 13th District Seat

Armey /Hays

Amarillo City Councilwoman Elaine Hays, a candidate for the 13th District congressional seat, received an endorsement from former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

Armey was a U.S. Representative for 26th congressional district from 1985 to 2003 and the House Majority Leader from 1995 to 2003.

He was one of the engineers of the “Republican Revolution” of the 1990s, in which Republicans were elected to majorities of both houses of Congress for the first time in four decades.

In his endorsement Armey said:

Elaine Hays will fight for fiscal responsibility and smaller government in Washington. As a Certified Financial Planner and small business owner with an Economics degree, she understands the financial challenges facing our country today, and she knows how to solve those problems with public policies that support free markets, limited government, and individual liberty. I am proud to endorse Elaine in her campaign for Texas’s 13th congressional district.”  

In her second term on the Amarillo City Council Hays has an extensive background in financial planning and has a platform of fiscal responsibility and backs initiatives to promote economic growth.

She believes in supporting small businesses and identifying projects that will make a lasting impact on the community. 

The native Texan grew up in Bridgeport a part of Wise County in the eastern part of district 13 and has been a resident of Amarillo since 1985.