Texas Governor Greg Abbott was in Amarillo Friday morning to rally for – and endorse – District 87 Candidate, Caroline Fairly.

The event, hosted by Tyler’s BBQ, drew a large crowd and a number of political dignitaries, including Mayor Cole Stanley and Councilman Josh Craft, Congressman Ronny Jackson and others.

The 25-year-old Fairly shared a  message that included a need for a return to morals, focus on the border, and her disdain for wokeism. “I believe it’s time for my generation to stand up,” she told the crowd.

Governor Greg Abbott Addresses Crowd Friday Morning

Governor Abbott used the opportunity to further address the issues at the border, noting the support he and the state of Texas is now receiving from other governors across the country. Abbott also shared the effectiveness the concertina wire is having at areas such as Eagles Pass. 

Abbott told the crowd, “Normally, we see two thousand, three thousand, four thousand people coming across a day crossing at that point. Yesterday, there were two people.”

Governor Abbott says Texas is building the same border wall former president Donald Trump had started, but Texas will have more than Trump built himself.