Tuesday’s regular City Council meeting included discussion on a couple of agenda items prior to being approved. Those items were the money used to secure Baker Tilly to serve in an advisory role in preparing amendments to the current City Charter in time for a vote in November.

The other item pulled for discussion involved securing an outside source to help the city reduce the tonnage of tires at the landfill. According to Public Works Director Donny Hooper, there are 1,275 tons in discarded tires at the landfill.

Rock Island Commodities will be awarded just short of $278,000 to remove those tires.

Donny Hooper

Once those two agenda items were pulled and discussed, the council voted to approve the 19 consent items as written 5-0.

Director of Planning, Emily Koller, presented the final draft of the City Plan-Vision 2045, which generated some debate; zoning and infrastructure being the focus.

Council also chose to extend the application period for open board seats for two weeks. Those include Animal Management and Welfare, and Library advisory boards. If you are interested, you can find those applications online at amarillo.gov.