Sampling has always been a part of the hip-hop culture and is an art form WE truly appreciate.

Pink Sweat$ is one of the hottest young R&B artists out right now and his visibility has been propelled by his amazing song called “Honesty”. It is one of the smoothest sounds out at the moment and WE honestly can’t wait to hear more from the kid.

It’s such a popular song, that it was recently sampled by one of the best of our current generation. Chance The Rapper dropped his debut album “The Big Day” and if you listen closely on the track “Handsome” you’ll hear that he used a sample from Pink Sweat$.

It’s great to see young artists recognize each others art and talent. Supporting each other in the rat race that is the music industry is essential and WE are so Happy that Pink Sweat$ got a loofah’s from the young king Chance The Rapper.