The League of Women voters will be hosting a forum this evening to talk about 10 amendments coming to the Texas Constitution.

Dr. Chris Macaulay and Dr. Darrell Lovell, both assistant professors in the Political Science Department at West Texas A&M University, will discuss the arguments for and against each of the propositions on the ballot.

Sonja Letson with the league about the amendments.

Forum moderator will be Mellessa Denny, League member and speech and debate coach at Amarillo High School.

The forum will take place Thursday, October 17th beginning at 6:00 pm at the Amarillo College downtown campus Bud Joyner Auditorium at 1314 South Polk.

KGNC News Reporter Tyler Williams sat down with Sonja Letson to talk about the League of Women Voter and the forum about the 10 Texas Constitution amendments.