In his 25 years representing the 13th District in congress, Mac Thornberry placed the interest of the people and the land as his top priority. After announcing he will not seek reelection in September, in a recent press release, Thornberry once again stands up and speaks out for his constituents.

The Congressman stated :

When I announced that I would not seek reelection to Congress, I expected that there would be a number of candidates in the race.  I did not expect, however, that there would be candidates for the 13th District who do not live in the District, did not grow up in the District, or have any meaningful ties to the people they wish to represent”.

“Whether these outside candidates are from the DFW Metroplex or the Lubbock region or elsewhere, I appreciate their desire to serve but believe they should run in their own districts.  Even if they buy or rent property in the District at the last minute, they cannot know or properly represent the people of the 13th District in my view”.

On the Republican side, Amarillo City Council Member Elaine Hays, former Potter County Justice of The Peace Richard Herman, Josh Winegarner from Canyon, and Vance Snider II from Amarillo. There are also Jamie Culley and Monique Worthy, both from Wichita Falls, in addition to Chris Ekstrom have announced a run for the seat.


Two Democrats are in the race right now, Greg Sagan and Gus Luis Trujillo, both from Amarillo.