A man in Randall County was convicted on 25 charges and received seven consecutive life sentences after a trial concluded. 

Melchor Magdaleno-Garcia faced a trial beginning April 5 on 25 charges, including sexual assault and prohibited sexual conduct, stemming from incidents that began in California in 2012 when he married a woman with three young children.

Following the marriage, he subjected his wife and her children to severe abuse, including physical violence, deprivation of food and water, and confinement in dog kennels.

The children, aged 7, 10, and 12, were also sexually assaulted by Magdaleno-Garcia over time.

In 2018, he relocated the family multiple times before settling in Randall County in April 2019, where the abuse continued. He refused to let them attend school, have jobs, have friends, and more.

The victims testified against him during the trial. He also testified and admitted to sexually assaulting two of the children, one of whom was a child at the time of the offenses.

He denied that his actions were his fault and attempted to justify his actions by claiming he felt married to all three of his stepchildren and was, therefore, entitled to have sexual relations with them.

The jury found Magdaleno-Garcia guilty on all 25 charges.

The judge imposed the maximum penalties allowed by law, resulting in him receiving consecutive life sentences for the seven charges of sexual assault of a child – prohibited sexual conduct, in addition to two 20-year sentences.

District Attorney Robert Love stated, “This case is a culmination of three years of investigation and preparation by law enforcement and the prosecutors, investigators, and victim coordinators in this office. We are grateful and we know the victims are grateful for both the guilt and punishment verdicts in this case. After 10 years of torture and three more years waiting for trial, the victims finally have justice.”

Story by Madelin Brooke.