A three-county police chase ended up with robbery suspects under arrest.

Amarillo police say the incident took place at 1:20, Sunday morning on  Redwood Street  near

Hamlet Elementary School. Police were responding to a home invasion robbery..

Once APD got on the scene, they found family members restrained and assaulted by three suspects who also stole from the home. Another family member arrived, prompting the suspects to flee.

Another family member chased the suspects, and that family member was shot by a member of the car getting away.

Moore County Sheriff’s Office was called in and deputies started patrolling the southern part of the county. 

A deputy attempted to catch the suspect vehicle with speeds reaching over 130 miles per hour.

Hartley County joined in the chase, and Deputies deployed stop sticks.

The vehicle continued into Dumas and the chase ended with the subject’s arrest, They searched the car and found suspected methamphetamine.

The driver of the vehicle is identified as Stacy Paredes. He’s charged with evading arrest or detention with a motor vehicle and possession of a controlled substance.

The passengers are identified as Steven Ramirez and Jose Ortega. They are charged with possession of a controlled substance and are in the Moore County Jail