Northwest Texas Hospital is hosting a book drive for Storybridge from now until January.

The non-profit donates books to children in the area and focuses on childhood reading development starting with newborns at the hospital with free weekly book deliveries to their house throughout their childhood.

NWTH is just one way Storybridge gets books into the hands of children.  Their mission is to provide every kid, even those not born at the hospital, with at least 20 books in the household they live in.

StoryBridge hosts free book fairs for over 30 elementary schools in the area.

Students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade are eligible to receive up to five free books from these book fairs.

 donations can be dropped off at the Pediatric Outpatient entrance located on the south side of the hospital from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Book donations will be accepted through January.