Part 2: Tracy Hays’s New Book “Dog Gone It” Keeping And Building Faith In The Face Of Tragedy

While training for an Iron man competition in August of 2014, Tracy Hays was struck by a vehicle leaving his bicycle with just a small scratch, but completely demolishing life as he and his loved ones knew it.

Doctors told his wife Elaine that he had less than a 20% chance of survival and he may need care 24/7 for the rest of his life. 

Four weeks in ICU at Northwest Texas Hospital, another four weeks at Baylor Rehabilitation Center in Dallas, then two months at the Pate Rehab outside of McKinney Hays had to relearn how to walk, deal with vertigo and how to swallow and he had a greatly diminished ability to read.

A  man who made his living by using his intellect Hays now suffered from Alexia a reading disorder caused by neurological damage.

Tomorrow as we look at Tracy Hay’s new book  “Dog Gone It”, a Christmas homecoming, a new sidekick and the reality of rebuilding his life.