Amarillo residents is invited to a public meeting hosted by the Texas Department of Transportation to discuss the Ports to Plains Corridors Feasibility Study.

The Discussion evaluates the costs and logistical matters associated with improvements that create a continuous flow, four-lane divided highway that extend Interstate 27 between the New Mexico and Oklahoma borders and Laredo.

The meeting will focus on Segment 1 from the New Mexico and Oklahoma borders to the Hale/Lubbock County Line.

Segment 2 goes from Hale/Lubbock County line to Sutton/Edwards County line.

and segment 3 goes from Sutton/Edwards County line to I-35/Juarez-Lincoln Bridge in Laredo

The pubic is invited out Wednesday, November 20th from 4:30 – 7 pm Amarillo Civic Center Complex.

TO see a map of the proposed expansions click here  P2P_Segment_Map