The Potter County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of a phone scam in the area.

A resident contacted the sheriff’s office and said that they had received a call from someone saying they were Lieutenant Patrick Zamora with the Potter County Sheriff’s Office.

The scammer went on to say that the resident had failed to show up for a federal jury summons and needed to pay a fine.

The scammer continued, saying they were on a gag order and were not allowed to talk to another officer about this issue.

The Potter County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind residents they will not call you about a federal jury summons, and they will not request a payment on the phone. Also, you would not be put under a gag order for just receiving a jury summons.

The call was coming from the number (806) 370-4649. If you receive this call or one similar, the Sheriff’s Office advises you to hang up the phone and block the number.