A fire at the Red River Dairy forced the dispatch of The Hoover Volunteer Fire Department and The Pampa Fire Departments.

Fire officials say a hay pile was fully engulfed and it had spread to a silage pile, brush pile, and an undetermined amount of tires used to hold down the plastic tarps used to cover the silage.

After units were on the scene for several hours a determination was made to let the fire burn itself out, due to saving water.

Water trucks from 4 other areas were called in.

Later Saturday evening with the threat of heavy winds, its department was dispatched back out to further contain the fire.

Thirty-thousand gallons of water was used, along with dairy employees and equipment spreading out the fuel load to put the blaze out.

Hoover Fire officials say dairy owners will be looking out for “hot spots, the next few days to make sure there will not be a reignition

No cattle were harmed in the blaze.