Roddy Ricch Calls Out The NYPD During Hot 97 Summer Jam Set After Gun Charges Dropped

Roddy Ricch had a message for the NYPD after he was released from jail on Sunday afternoon (June 12) and his gun charges were dropped. He had been arrested the day before.

Roddy was arrested with two other people who were riding in a vehicle where police found a firearm and nine rounds of ammunition and an extended clip.

Roddy Ricch, Carlos Collins, 57, and Michael Figueroa were all charged with illegally having a gun. The charges against Figueroa were read out in Queens Criminal Court on Sunday. The cases against Ricch and Collins were never docketed. A court clerk confirmed that the case against the Compton rapper was dropped.

Roddy made it to the HOT 97 summer jam stage. “New Jersey, you ready?” he asked the audience. “Can I hear everybody in here say ‘F### NYPD,’” he added before he launched into his next song.