There is no way Amarillo’s City Council can vote for Sanctuary City status for the unborn.

The original ordinance, which seeks to prohibit the transportation of women through Amarillo to obtain an abortion, has sparked concern from the medical community.

The Potter-Randall County Medical Society (PRCMS), representing approximately 400 physicians across various specialties in the Amarillo area, says it does not take a position on the legality or availability of abortion. However, it feels compelled to address the possible consequences if this ordinance is adopted.

The PRCMS believes there would be an impact on physician-patient communication, referrals, and guidance, legal and ethical implications, along with recruitment and retention of health care providers.  

The Amarillo City Council has not passed the proposed ordinance, as they have some concerns.

 Mayor Cole Stanley, says We are a pro-life counsel that also believes in small government and this ordinance stretches that small government in the direction that we don’t want to see it go

The topic will be coming up for the city council this afternoon, or it could be placed be placed on the ballot for the November election.