Saweetie Sidesteps Questions About Quavo in Interview Amid Split Rumors

One thing about Saweetie and Quavo-they are never shy to talk about each other.

So in a recent interview it raised eyebrows when Saweetie seemed uncomfortable to talk about Quavo.

This, added to the couple unfollowing each other on social media is making it seem apparent that they may have broken up.

The interviewer, Leah Henry of Leah’s Lemonade Stand recently interviewed Saweetie and said about Quavo, he loves you, it’s clear. Saweetie responded Mhmmm and made a gesture.

She was wearing sunglasses and a sweatshirt hood so her facial expression was hidden.

How soon after a break up do you make it social media official by unfollowing your former mate and announcing you are single?

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