The next few days will be filled with family, football, and food, but one of these could be a danger.

Chris Pilcic Public Affairs Senior Specialist for State Farm Dallas & West Texas.

Overall State Farm paid out more than $5.6 Million in insurance claims in 2018 and they paid 118 million  Nationally, we recorded $118 million.

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Thanksgiving Peak Day for Cooking Fires; Texas Homeowner Damage $5.6 million

Average Homeowner Insurance Claim: $45,000

Texas homeowners recorded among the most damage in the country related to cooking fires in 2018 with more than $5.6 Million in insurance claims paid by State Farm¸ ranking us 6th in losses. Thanksgiving is the peak day for the leading cause of home fires, which is cooking. According to State Farm claims data, the average amount of damage caused by a cooking-related fire in Texas was $45,000.

Nationally, we recorded $118 million in paid claims on nearly 2,5000 cooking and grease fire claims.

Top States:

  1.       Georgia | $8.4m
  2.       California | $ 8.2m
  3.       New York | $8.1m
  4.       Illinois | $6.0m
  5.       Pennsylvania | $5.7m
  6.       Texas | $5.6m 
  7.       Alabama | $5.3m

Because many families and friends gather in the kitchen during the holidays, it is important to follow some cooking safety tips to keep your kitchen free of fire risks and hazards.

  •         Cooking is the leading cause of home fires
  •         The peak day for cooking fires is Thanksgiving Day
  •         According to State Farm claims data, Texas had the 6th most damage last year with $5.6 million paid on cooking-related fires
  •         Damage can be costly, the average claim in Texas was more than $45,000
  •         Nationally, State Farm paid $118 million in damages on 2,500 cooking-related claims


Safety Tips:

  •         Never leave the cooking area unattended.  
  •         Keep anything that can catch fire: Oven mitts, wooden utensils, food packaging, towels or curtains — away from your stovetop.
  •         Keep a lid beside the pan when cooking. If a fire starts, slide the lid over the pan and turn off the burner. Never throw water on a grease fire.
  •         If a fire starts in the oven, turn off the heat and keep the door closed
  •         If you do try and fight the fire, ensure others are evacuating and you have a clear path out
  •         Keep a fire extinguisher approved for cooking or grease fires nearby.
  •         Make sure your smoke alarms are working.