An Amarillo landmark filled with memories is opening back up after being closed since October.

The Tascosa Drive-In Theater has been around since the 1950s. The previous owners of the theater, The Burns, bought it in 1999 and they recently retired and closed the theater and since then, the future has been unclear if it would reopen or not.

The DeWietz family is now the new owners of the Drive-In Theater.

Their first steps is making the theater more modern.

The DeWeitz’s on-site playground will also be remodeled and, dedicated to the Burn’s two sons and they have also applied for their beer and wine license and the concession stand will also see some upgrades, allowing you to order from your phone.

These upgrades will take time and money, but they are ready to reinvest all earnings back into the drive-in.

The first movie to play under new leadership will be Deadpool & Wolverine in two weeks.