The Texas Attorney Generals Office has suspended the investigation into the death of Thomas Brown.

AG Paxton says there is no viable evidence to conclude foul play in the death.

The Office of the Attorney General, FBI and Texas Rangers briefed the 31st District Attorney’s Office that the findings of the case and all agencies agreed with the findings of the investigation.

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From Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

This joint statement is regarding the investigation into the disappearance of Thomas Kelly Brown.  The Office of the Attorney General, FBI, and the Texas Rangers briefed the 31st District Attorney’s Office on the findings of this case, and all parties concur with the investigative findings. Specific details have been withheld for the integrity of the case and the dignity of the family.

On November 23, 2016, Thomas Kelly Brown was last seen in Canadian, Texas, at approximately 11:30 p.m. by several of Thomas’s friends. Thomas was reported to have missed his curfew and was subsequently reported missing. The Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report, and an attempt to locate Thomas was initiated.

This investigation has been a collaborative effort between the Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Attorney General’s Criminal Investigations Division, the Texas Rangers, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Throughout the investigation, evidence has been discovered and obtained by various agencies and thoroughly analyzed. There is no viable evidence that would lead a reasonable person to conclude that foul play led to the death of Thomas Kelly Brown. This includes evidence related to manner of death, cause of death, or evidence of a specific suspect.

Investigators have exhausted all resources available and have spent thousands of hours dedicated to Thomas Brown. Several additional agencies and hundreds of individual citizens have also assisted in this case. Therefore, this investigation has been suspended pending any newly discovered credible evidence.


Klein Investigations & Consulting Statement

This afternoon KIC Texas, the family of Thomas Brown, and law enforcement agencies, as well as the district attorney met together in Pampa, Texas. At this meeting, it was announced that the attorney general’s investigators were unable to come to a conclusion regarding the death of Thomas Brown.

We would like to make it clear that the attorney general’s office was unable to determine that Thomas died from suicide or homicide. Therefore, they have made the decision, pending any new information or evidence, that their case is suspended.

KIC Texas will continue to investigate this case by first going back and reviewing all evidence in the case. We believe that the case is solvable and pledge to the citizens of Hemphill County and all of North Texas that we will work diligently to solve this case.