Representatives from all over Texas came together to break ground for the new Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine.

The four-year school is expected to serve 240 doctors of veterinary students, an additional 150-200 non-DVM graduate students, and about 90 faculty and staff. 

The campus will be located north of the current Pharmacy School and is expected to begin enrolling students in 2021.

A secondary campus will also be built to accommodate larger animals just north of the loop, 2 miles from the school.

Officials of Texas Tech University, Representatives, Senators, and city officials of West Texas and members of the community were all in attendance to show their support for the School.

The estimated cost of the school is set for $90 million with private donations along with state and local funds being raised.

President of the Texas Tech Health Science Center, Dr. Tedd Mitchell.

Former Mayor of Amarillo, Jerry Hodge.