The Destination You Should Visit Next, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you know the time and location when you were born then you could decode your perfect vacation destination according to Astrocartographer Maya White, who learned about Astrocartography back in 1976.

Astrocartography is a part of Astrology that shows the exact positioning of the planets at the moment you were born. White believes that you could find the perfect vacation spot and where to live that would give you all the feels just by doing your Astrocartography chart.

So here check out your sign for the best vacation spots according to White:

Aquarius – Greece

Pisces – Southeast Asia, specifically Jakarta

Aries – Australia

Taurus – Costa Rica

Gemini – Hong Kong

Cancer – New Orleans

Leo – Miami

Virgo – Singapore

Libra – Chefchaouen or Morocco

Scorpio – Hawaii

Sagittarius – Northern Peru

Capricorn – Amalfi Coast

Do you agree with the location designated as the best vacation for your astrology sign?