Tracy Hays’s New Book On Tragedy, A New Pet And Standing Firm In Faith: Part 1

This is a series of articles with Tracy Hays on his new book “Dog Gone It” available on Amazon.

As we go about our daily rituals we sometimes take for granted simple things like driving, working in our chosen careers and just tying our shoes.

A tragedy can make us reexamine and reflect on what some would judge as to the mundane tasks associated with day to day life that can result in small triumphs.

Tracy Hays and his family have battled back from such an event. 

 The man who provided for his family as a Certified Public Accountant has put out his first non-financial book called “Dog Gone It”.

It addresses a tragic mishap resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury, battling back with the help of a new pup and finding a better understanding of God’s plan.

Hays spoke with me about the day that changed his and his family’s life forever. 

The road back would be a long one, Hays spoke about TBI Traumatic Brain Injury.


Tomorrow Hays will talk about how a new dog helped in his battle back and a redefining of his relationship with God.