Twelve BSA nurses have been recognized by the Texas Nurse’s Association for exceptional nursing practices. 

The review panel made its selections based on the following areas. Professional role model, leadership, service in the community, compassion in patient care, and significant contributions to the nursing profession. 

“Each of these nurse’s tireless energy, dedication and ability to lead make them outstanding role models and we’re proud to have them here at BSA,” said BSA Chief Nursing Officer Belinda Gibson. 

The recognized nurses are:

Jessica Hawley, RN

Lindsey Kinard, RN

Melinda Conway, RN

Stephanie Chestnut, RN

Michelle Adkins, RN

Suzanne Baxter, RN

Natalie Huntley, RN

Traci Doss, RN

Chelsey Castillo, RN

Leandra Henthorn, RN

Shelby Hill, RN

Leisa Robinson, RN