As the strong winter weather system rolls into the panhandle, TxDOT wants to urge drivers to stay off of the roads if possible. The combination of snow and strong winds of up to 65 mph have brought blizzard-like conditions to the area, making it dangerous for drivers to be on the roads. It is advised that people should only be out driving if it’s an emergency.

If you have to be out on the roads, here are a few safety tips for driving during strong winds:


  • Maintain a safe distance from high-profile vehicles  
  • Keep a firm grip on the wheel with both hands
  • Look for fallen/falling trees, powerlines, or debris
  • Use caution on bridges and overpasses


These kinds of conditions bring low visibility as well, so please slow down and take your time or pull over until conditions improve on the roads. Our maintenance section crews have been and will be patrolling the roads throughout this winter weather system to keep them as safe as possible! So, please watch out for them, and don’t crowd the plow! It takes all of us to make the roads safe.

Log onto our website, for updates on any road closures over the coming days.