Amarillo City officials are looking into how to combat vandalism at John Stiff Park. 

The main issue is graffiti and the city is looking into how to aggressively slow down this crime, especially in the skating area.

Since June, Amarillo Parks and Recreation has reported 13 incidents of vandalism, break-ins and robberies.

 Sgt. Carla Burr, public information officer for APD says  If police catch them in the act, then they’re arrested or issued a ticket depending on what the level of damage is. Because vandalism is a monetary amount for the damage that’s done.

City Council has no immediate solutions to the problem but is mulling over the goals to eliminate dead-end parking lots, increase surveillance, and locking gates for added security.

Added lighting and closing the park earlier, and also some temporary closures maybe until spring, are options the city is looking at