Major upgrades are coming to the City of Amarillo’s drainage systems to address longstanding issues and prepare for future challenges.

Within city limits, there are 23 playa lakes. 

 Some of them are full of water at all times, but many of them dry up, but for the ones that did not dry up, the city is going to examine the bottom of the lakes.

That will include dredging the three at Thompson Park, Medi Park, and McDonald Lakes.

City officials say they’re going to study them, we’re going to understand how much sedimentation is there, how much needs to be removed, whether that has to be disposed of it might have some heavy metals or pesticides and herbicides and those types of things, byproducts of those types of things in the sedimentation and so we may have to dispose of that

They go on to say another project is looking to add a permanent pump in Playa Lake seven at Arden and Soncy to stay ahead of repetitive storm events, like last Summer.

The last project is looking at improvements to McCarty Lake near South Georgia and Farmers.