Sampling has always been a part of the hip-hop culture and is an art form WE truly appreciate.

G-Eazy recently went through a break up which put him in a self-imposed exile. It seemed like he wanted to focus on his music and his roots of where he came from the Bay Area. He recently dropped a Bay Area banger called “West Coast” which initially featured Blueface and later he added ALLBLACK, and YG. Th sound is distinctly Bay Area and WE would be remised if you didn’t hear the clear sample from another Bay Area Legend.

Richie Rich hails from Oakland and had early success in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He is even credited with helping Snoop Dogg find his voice as a rapper. He released “Let’s Ride” on his third studio album which received this reception “Seasoned Veteran is one of the few albums available in the reality rap genre that lives up to its name and comes close to meeting the listener’s expectations”.

It’s great to see West Coast rappers pay homage to the veterans who came before them especially in the brotherhood that G-Eazy and Richie Rich share being from the Bay Area.