Western Equipment to Host Ag Tech Open Invitational

As a Junior or Senior in High School the idea of choosing your career path after you graduate can be daunting. While attending University is a great option, it is not the only option when it comes to creating a successful career.

This is why Western Equipment will be hosting an Ag Tech Open Invitational on January 18, 2020 at their Amarillo location 10800 I-27.

Marketing Director for Western Equipment, James Boone says, “they’re going to just show up and try their hand at something. So, it’s going to be a formal event where we’re going to have stations, right? We’re going to have certain stations to test certain skills” including knowledge and ability to work with their hands. “At the end it’s going to be graded with an overall score and some overall grand prizes. So, whoever wins those are going to get prizes, plus we’re going to give out $60,000 of scholarships and $25,000 of total prizes.”

This is the first year Western Equipment will be hosting this type of event. Boone says aside from giving graduates an opportunity to try their hand at this sort of work, this Open Invitational is really geared toward filling a hole in the Ag Tech Industry. “Not just for Western Equipment, but for a lot of companies I think there’s really a deficit of technicians.” He added, “I’ve been in a lot of schools the last 4 months and what I’ve found is there are a lot of these young men and women that do want to work in this field. I think the preconceived idea has been [that] there’s nobody who wants to work in this field anymore and that’s not the case. I think it’s just presenting the opportunity and once the opportunity is presented a lot of them feel like ‘man, this seems like a great option’”.

You do not need tools, or prior experience to participate in this event. Western Equipment is asking that you register HERE so they can get an idea of how many participants to expect.

For the complete interview with James Boone and KGNC’s Shannon Gray, listen below.