27 People Arrested For Prostitutions and Human Trafficking Charges

The Amarillo Police Department Special Operations Division Narcotics Unit worked a Human trafficking and solicitation operation.

From August 10th – 12th, 27 people were arrested for various charges relating to prostitution with some of these subjects also had additional unrelated charges.

Agents ask the arrestees about others who are being trafficked, and any knowledge of underage victims. .

Some investigations from this operation are still on-going and more arrests are expected. 

Russell Flick-Prostitution

Brian Martin-Prostitution

Gaspar Martinez-Prostitution

Colin Caverly-Prostitution

Jerry Rotenberry-Prostitution

Teana Dillard-Prostitution

Gregory Day-Prostitution

Antonio Serna-Prostitution

Misty Ray-Prostitution w/prev conv, Resisting Arrest/Search/Transport

Garrett Pool-Prostitution

Courtney Alvarado-Prostitution enh, 5 municipal warrants

Terry Nix-Prostitution

Praful Bendre-Prostitution

Derrick Degner-Prostitution

Deyon Martin-Prostitution

Landon Landry-Prostitution

Stacy Hernandez-Prostitution enh

Gilberto Hernandez-Prostitution

Sharonda Horn-Prostitution

Candice Casy-Prostitution w/prev conv, 4 municipal warrants

Lili Gilbreth-Prostitution w/prev conv.

Tamya Morris-Riddley-Prostitution

David Trimble-Prostitution

Jordan Cossey-Prostitution

Jacob Whittington-Prostitution

Alain Vongphachan-Prostitution

Kimberly Crawford-Prostitution w/prev conv, 5 municipal warrants