4 Arrested Saturday Night After Refusing To Comply With APD

Four Teenagers are under arrest after refusing to comply with a traffic stop Saturday night,

Officers were originally sent out on a call of a possible auto burglary at 4:54am near Hurst and Arden roads.

A witness described a white SUV, matching a description of a vehicle reported prowling the neighborhoods that morning

An attempted stop was made on the vehicle but it sped away, striking a concrete barrier while turning south onto Canyon Drive, the four occupants got out the vehicle and fled on foot.

A 15 and a 16 year old male are now booked into the Youth Center of the High Plains for unlawful carry of a weapon evading arrest, theft and organized criminal activity

The 16 year old driver and a 17 year old male were also arrested for evading arrest, theft, and organized criminal activity.

Multiple stolen items were found in the vehicle And were returned to the six victims of auto burglaries.

The white SUV was found to have been stolen around 2:00am that morning from the 7400 Block of City View .