There are three words to remember to stay in shape physically and mentally… Keep It Moving.

Here are some things you can do to keep your body healthy and in shape into your sixtys and beyond.

Try new things. One of the bset things you can do is keep challenging yourself. Just about anything, Painting, gardening, running, even if you haven’t done it before. It’ll keep you both mentally and physically on point.

Support your bone health. Aim to eat 1200 milligrams of Calcium daily. You can find it in low-fat dairy, leafy greens,and even canned sardines. Also include Vitamin D in your diet, which is in fortified foods and fatty fish like salmon

And don’t forget exercise. Check with your Doctor about a Dexa scan to measure bone density.

Be open about sex. Just get direct… Accomodating those challenges can become a creative, Intimate process

Guard against Ageism. Own your age proudly. People with negative perceptions of old age do not recover as well after hospital stays. Say to yourself or anybody else, this is what 60 or 70 or 80 looks like We’re among the first generations to have these extra decades.