6th Annual GrowthCon To Be Held October 22nd

The 6th annual GrowthCon Conference will be taking place this October.

GrowthCon is the top personal and business development event in Amarillo that brings together incredible speakers to help with personal growth, leadership growth, sales and marketing skills, or your path to your best self.

The event takes place Friday October 22nd from 9:30am to 3:30pm at 4400 South Georgia Street.

Jody Holland – Leadership Expert and Executive Coach to 100s of top executives, a business psychologist and the man with the tools to make leading fun. He will be speaking on how the example you set of success impacts your entire company, family, and community.

Spanky Assiter – Hall of Fame Auctioneer and one of, if not the, best salespeople around. Spanky will show you how people measure the value of anything and how to leverage that value to grow your revenues and your brand.

Erin Palacio – Assistant HR Director for the City of Amarillo and an incredible resource for building the kinds of cultures that attract greatness. She will be speaking on Creating The Right Leadership Motive.

Kyle Sanders – Top Healthcare Executive with a wealth of insight on building amazing cultures. He will be delivering a program on how to overcome a bad leader.

Damian Boudreaux – Founder of Howtosell100cars.com and Autotrainingacademy.com, and one of the most amazing relationship-driven salespeople you could ever meet. Damian will be delivering his life-changing “I AM” program.

Meghan Holland – Meghan is a graduate of Amarillo College and UT Austin, both with honors. She is working on her first book titled, The Next Gen Leader and will be presenting what it takes to turn the next generation of workers into the leaders we need in our businesses.

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